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Sinca Export (Pvt) Ltd.

Our Products

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Prices of our products are reasonable and with friendly discussion you can have best offers always. Make sure that we assure the good quality and we highly concern about the hygienic conditions.
Ranges of our products are under mentioned.

  • Sinca 4.5kg Blocks(11 Lb)
  • Sinca Briquette
  • Sinca Hydroponics slabs (grow bags)
  • Sinca Husk chips
  • Sinca seeding discs
  • Sinca Coir pots
  • Sinca Coir geo textile

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Our Products

  • Hydroponics Slabs (Grow Bags)
  • Coir Blocks & Briquettes
  • Coir Discs
  • Husk chips
  • Seeding Discs
  • Coir Pots
  • Geo-textiles

social responsibilityAll our products are made of 100% biodegradable material and manufactured using Eco-friendly systems in accordance with the standard business ethics. Please honor us with your visit to our manufacturing plant at the Coconut triangle, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

Contact Us

Address: No. 171, Avalon Estate, Thorayaya
Kurunegala, Sri Lanka
Telephone: +94 37 2235 941
Fax: +94 37 2235 505
Mobile Phone Number: +94 77 0034 071

Please Recycle

reuse reduce recycleOpt for biodegradable products and save our planet